Top 10 Best Bluetooth Hoverboards

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Hoverboards have captured the hearts of riders worldwide, offering an exhilarating and futuristic mode of transportation. With the integration of Bluetooth technology, these self-balancing scooters have become even more exciting, allowing riders to enjoy their favorite music while gliding around. In this extensive guide, we’ll delve into the top 10 best Bluetooth hoverboards, each offering a unique blend of style, safety, and entertainment. Let’s embark on this thrilling ride and discover the perfect Bluetooth hoverboard to make your adventures unforgettable!

1. Gotrax Glide 6.5″ Hoverboard for Kids- Bluetooth Hoverboards

The Gotrax Glide 6.5″ is a top pick for kids, providing a safe and smooth ride with its self-balancing technology. With a built-in Bluetooth speaker, young riders can connect their devices and enjoy music while cruising in style. The colorful LED lights further enhance the hoverboard’s appeal, creating a mesmerizing visual experience.

Gotrax Glide 6.5″ Hoverboard for Kids Ages 6-12 with Bluetooth Speaker and Led Lights, Multicolor



Product details

Looking for an affordable and fun hoverboard for your kids? Check out the GOTRAX Glide Hoverboard! This UL2272 certified hoverboard comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker and LED lights, making it perfect for kids ages 6-12. Plus, with a top speed of 6.2 mph and a max weight of 176 lbs, it’s suitable for both kids and adults. Weighing in at only 14.1 lbs, it’s lightweight and easy to transport. GOTRAX is committed to creating innovative and environmentally-friendly rideable, making this hoverboard a smart choice for eco-conscious Walmart customers. So why wait? Get your kids a GOTRAX Glide Hoverboard today and watch them ride in style!


2. Hover-1 Allstar 2.0 Hoverboard for Teens

Designed with teens in mind, the Hover-1 Allstar 2.0 is the epitome of coolness. Its Bluetooth speaker syncs music with LED lights, offering a dazzling visual spectacle as you ride to your favorite beats. With its sturdy build and powerful performance, it’s the perfect companion for adventurous teens.

Hover-1 Allstar 2.0 Hoverboard for Teens, Black, Lightweight & Bluetooth, Max Speed 7 mph

Hover-1-Allstar-2.0-Hoverboard-for-TeensProduct details

Welcome to the lit series. The upgraded Hover-1 Allstar hoverboard 2.0 comes with led footpads, infinity wheels, and headlights. The powerful 200W dual motor delivers 7 mph speeds and 7 miles of extended range. Available in three exciting color schemes: Blue, Black, and Pink Blush. The Hover-1 all-star is the perfect hoverboard for you. Travel at the speed of life.
  • 7 MPH max speed
  • 7 mile max range
  • 6.5″ Solid wheels
  • 220 lbs max weight
  • LED headlights and wheels
  • LED footpad
  • 14 Cell Lithium-Ion battery
  • —————————————————————————————————————————————

3. EVERCROSS 8.5” Hoverboard, Built-in Bluetooth Speaker

For off-road enthusiasts, the EVERCROSS 8.5” hoverboard is the ultimate choice. Equipped with large all-terrain wheels, it can handle various surfaces with ease. The built-in Bluetooth speaker lets you enjoy music during your outdoor escapades, making it a popular choice for adventurous riders.

EVERCROSS 8.5”Hoverboard, Built-in Bluetooth Speaker & App Connectivity, Up to 9.3mph and 9-mile Range, Hoverboard with Colorful LED Light

Product details


Innovatory APP Control Design ensure that you can customize the riding mode and sensitivity of the hoverboards, of course you can also see everything about it, including battery, speed and distance.


EVERCROSS EV5 hoverboards powered by Dual 350w Brushless Motors increase your max speed to 9.3 mph, range up to 9 miles and can easily cross steep slopes up to 15° with carrying capacity up to 265 lbs. (The above data may vary depending on riding conditions, rider weight, climate, and/or proper maintenance.)


The hover board adopts 8.5’’ Solid Rubber Tires provide a shock-absorbing and comfortable riding experience, specially for all terrain, such as dirt, gravel roads and steep slopes. You can go all the way to the park, adventure along city lanes, even get to the other side of campus.


The self balancing scooter has built-in 36V/4 Ah High Capacity Rechargeable Battery, also a variety of Protection Circuits System can protect the rider from fire and overheating for a long-term safe and stable riding experience.


EVERCROSS hoverboard is good in load-bearing capacity in structure and not easy to be damaged in usage. Ensuring high quality while equipped with multifunctional settings, E.g. high-speed reminder, low battery reminder, GPS real-time positioning, intelligent battery monitoring, bright night light etc. Totally a Cool Gift Ideal for all!


4. Gotrax Edge Hoverboard for Kids Adults

The Gotrax Edge is a versatile hoverboard suitable for kids and adults alike. With its 6.5-inch wheels, it provides a stable and smooth ride for all ages. The built-in Bluetooth speaker lets you play your favorite tunes while gliding around, adding an element of fun and entertainment to your journey.


Product details

ABOUT GOTRAX,Our Mission: Change the future of commuting. GOTRAX is an American company based in Texas. Since 2017, GOTRAX has been committed to creating fun, affordable, eco friendly electric rideable that push the possibilities of transportation In just 5 short years, became a leading producen of electric vehicles, having sold more than1,000,000 units since its inception.Gotrax EDGE Hoverboard for Adult:6.5″ tires are easy to ride and master, Featuring self-balancing mode, Support up to 176lbs, Safely speed up to 6.2mph, 2.5 miles max range per charge, UL2272 safety certification, LED headlights keep vision on the night, Design for Entry-level, Featuring a self-balancing mode, easy to learn. 6.2mph speed lets the rider enjoy the speed while safe.Design for All Riders, Can carry riders of all sizes from 44 to 176 lbs, not only kids, the whole family can enjoy the hoverboard fun. Tested and UL2272 electrical certified, Gotrax hoverboard puts rider’s safety at the forefront, more reliable when riding.


5. Starship Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker, Chrome Color Self Balancing Scooters

The Starship Hoverboard is the epitome of style and performance. With its chrome finish and futuristic design, it’s sure to turn heads wherever you ride. The built-in Bluetooth speaker lets you enjoy your favorite music while cruising, making it a standout choice for riders who crave attention.

Starship Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker, Chrome Color Self Balancing Scooters with Science Fiction Design and 6.5 inch LED Wheels

Starship Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker

Product details

Battery power: DC25.2/2AH Charging time: 2~3hours Voltage:25.2V Working temperature: 5~40 Charging temperature :5~40 Stored relative humidity: 5%~85% Include: charger x1, instruction manual x1, hoverboard x1
  • 1.This hoverboard was tested by SGS Lab depen on UL2272 Standard , meets all safety standards.
  • 2.Attractive appearance, starship design, a surprising and practical gift for young people, very safe hoverboard for children and adults .
  • 3.Equipped with bluetooth speakers and LED lights, it has built-in entertainment such as music speakers and can be easily connected to a smartphone.
  • 4.Hoverboards get their popularity from innovative designs. Featuring Dual 200 Watt Motors, and a Max Speed of 6.2mph .
  • 5.The hoverboard is extremely energy efficient using a 36V 2.6 Ah battery it can ride up to 5miles on a single charge under Ideally .
  • —————————————————————————————————————————————-

6. Swagtron Warrior T580 Hoverboard 220 Lbs Black Music-Synced Bluetooth LED Lights

The Swagtron Warrior T580 is a high-performance hoverboard with an emphasis on entertainment. Its music-synced LED lights create a captivating visual display as you ride to the beat. With a weight capacity of 220 lbs, it’s suitable for teens and adults alike.

Swagtron Warrior T580 Hoverboard 220 Lbs Black Music-Synced Bluetooth LED Lights 7.5 Mph LiFePo Battery UL-Compliant

 Swagtron Warrior T580 HoverboardProduct details

Swagtron Swagboard warrior T580 hoverboard with Bluetooth and led lights & exclusive LiFePo & Trade; battery (Ul-Compliant) for kids ages 8+ , five-Year battery performance promise (2020 update). Introducing the Swagboard t580 warrior- an exciting new hoverboard for kids and teens from Swagtron. Designed for today’s young sidewalk warriors, the Swagboard warrior t580 contains an exclusive LiFePo (Lithium phosphate) battery. Unlike competitors using lithium-Ion, the ul-Compliant LiFePo internal battery is noncombustible and nonflammable from punctures, physical damage, or charging when used as intended. Safety is swag!. Hoverboard up top. Boombox on the bottom. We added exclusive music-Syncing technology to the led ground effects. So you can play your favorite tunes on the Bluetooth speakers and cruise around with colorful, vibrant ground effects lighting that automatically syncs-Up with your music. Dual 250-Watt motors let riders up to 200 pounds cruise up to 7.5 mph. Maintenance-Free 6.5-Inch tires wrap around colorful led “Infinity” wheels, delivering extra visibility, especially during low-Light conditions. The warriort580 also features ultra-Bright led headlights and an easy-View battery indicator. Parental swag tip: activate “Training mode” with the app and limit the speed your kids can go.


7. Pilot Bluetooth Hoverboard for Kids Teen Ages

The Pilot Bluetooth Hoverboard is specially designed for kids and teens, offering a safe and enjoyable riding experience. With a built-in Bluetooth speaker, young riders can groove to their favorite tunes while they learn and master their gliding skills.

Pilot Bluetooth Hoverboard for Kids Teen Ages 6-12 with All-Terrain LED 6.5 ” Two-Wheel, 250W Motor, Best Gift for Boys Girls

Pilot-Bluetooth-Hoverboard-for-Kids-Teen-AgesProduct details

Looking for a unique and exciting gift for your kids, grandkids, or best friend’s children? Look no further than the Pulse Hoverboard! With all-terrain LED flash two-wheel, 200W motor electric scooter, this hoverboard is perfect for kids aged 6-12. The illuminated body deck makes it an amazing gift that your child will love. And with UL 2272 certification, you can rest easy knowing that this hoverboard is safe for your children to ride. The upgraded music speaker 4.0 version will bring a stereo surround sound music experience to immerse you and your friends in music. Plus, the colorful deck lighting can be switched freely to present amazing lighting when riding. The Pulse Hoverboard is not only a simple birthday or Christmas gift, but also an expression of your love for your kids and a faithful companion when they’re feeling lonely. Don’t hesitate, order yours today at Walmart.com and give your kids the best gift ever!

8. Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter for Kids Hover Board

The Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter is a fantastic choice for kids, providing a fun and safe riding experience. The built-in Bluetooth speaker lets young riders enjoy music while they cruise around their neighborhood, making it a popular pick among kids and parents alike.

Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter for Kids Hover Board with 6.5″ wide Wheels Built-in Bluetooth Speaker Bright LED Lights UL2272 Certified

 Hoverboard-Self-Balancing-Scooter-for-KidsProduct details

Battery power: DC25.2/2AH Charging time: 2~3hours Voltage:25.2V Working temperature: 5~40 Charging temperature :5~40 Stored relative humidity: 5%~85% Include: charger x1, instruction manual x1, hoverboard x1
  • 1.This hoverboard was tested by SGS Lab depen on UL2272 Standard , meets all safety standards.
  • 2.Attractive appearance, a surprising and practical gift for young people, very safe hoverboard for children and adults .
  • 3.Equipped with bluetooth speakers and LED lights, it has built-in entertainment such as music speakers and can be easily connected to a smartphone.
  • —————————————————————————————————————————————

9. Jetson Rave Hoverboard

The Jetson Rave is a powerful and stylish Bluetooth hoverboard that caters to riders of all ages. With its built-in Bluetooth speaker, you can enjoy music while gliding in style. Its smooth and stable ride ensures a fantastic experience for kids, teens, and adults.

Jetson Rave Hoverboard | Weight Limit 220 lb, 12+ | Purple | Built-in Bluetooth Speaker, Customizable LED Light-Up Wheels | 12 MPH | 10 Mi Range | 4 Hr Charge Time |24V, 4.0Ah Lithium-Ion

Jetson Rave Hoverboard Weight LimitProduct details

This is one hoverboard that is worth raving about. Start the party with the Jetson Rave Extreme Terrain Hoverboard. Cosmic light-up wheels make the Rave next level awesome, with customizable LED lights that flash colors while you ride. An enhanced Bluetooth speaker delivers a crisp, clear sound and the front LED lights to flash to the beat of your music. We promise you’ll leave onlookers in a trance. Featuring Active Balance Technology, the Rave uses internal sensors to keep you level and stable as you ride, while the free Ride Jetson app unlocks even more exciting features. With the Jetson Rave, you never have to let the party stop.
  • Front LED lights with Light-up wheels: Sparkle, as you ride on the Rave Hoverboard, these light-up wheels, are sure to get the party started
  • Active Balance Technology: Internal sensors keep you level and stable
  • Extreme Terrain Tires: Designed to handle more adventurous off-road rides
  • 400-Watt Hub Motor: Hit a top speed of 10 mph at a 12-mile range
  • Free Ride Jetson app: Download the app to unlock even more features: track your ride, customize your speed and acceleration settings (beginner, intermediate or advanced), control your music and customize your lights
  • Enhanced Bluetooth Speaker: Delivers a crisp, clear sound while the front LED lights to flash to the beat of your music.

Bluetooth hoverboards have revolutionized the riding experience, bringing together technology and entertainment in a seamless blend. The top 10 best Bluetooth hoverboards listed in this guide cater to riders of all ages, offering features such as music-synced LED lights, self-balancing technology, and robust performance. Each hoverboard boasts a unique style and design, making it easy to find the perfect match for your personality and riding preferences. So, why wait? Step into the world of Bluetooth hoverboards, stay connected, and embark on thrilling adventures filled with music and excitement! Happy gliding!

What Are the Benefits of Using a Bluetooth Hoverboard Enhance Your Ride with Music

Hoverboards have taken the world by storm, becoming a popular and exciting mode of transportation for kids, teens, and adults alike. With the integration of Bluetooth technology, these self-balancing scooters have become even more appealing, offering riders a host of amazing benefits. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the numerous advantages of using a Bluetooth hoverboard, from staying connected with your favorite music to embracing the convenience of modern technology. So, let’s dive in and discover why Bluetooth hoverboards are the ultimate way to enhance your ride!

1. Groove to Your Favorite Tunes

One of the most significant benefits of using a Bluetooth hoverboard is the ability to connect your devices and listen to your favorite music while you ride. With built-in Bluetooth speakers, you can play your preferred tunes and set the perfect soundtrack for your adventure. Whether you’re gliding through the park or cruising around your neighborhood, music adds a touch of fun and excitement to your ride.

2. Sync LED Lights to Music

Many Bluetooth hoverboards come with LED lights that sync to the beat of the music. This creates a mesmerizing visual experience, turning your ride into a mini dance party on wheels. The combination of music and vibrant LED lights adds an element of spectacle to your ride, making it an unforgettable experience for both riders and onlookers.

3. Hands-Free Control

Bluetooth hoverboards offer a hands-free control experience. Once you’ve connected your device to the hoverboard’s Bluetooth speaker, you can easily control the volume, skip songs, or pause the music without needing to reach for your phone. This convenience allows you to focus on your ride while still enjoying your favorite music.

4. Long-Lasting Battery Life

Modern Bluetooth hoverboards are designed to be energy-efficient, ensuring long-lasting battery life. With advanced battery technology, you can enjoy extended music playback while riding without worrying about running out of power. The hoverboard’s battery is also powerful enough to support the motor and ensure a smooth and stable ride.

5. Stay Motivated During Exercise

Using a Bluetooth hoverboard for exercise is not only fun but also motivating. Listening to energetic music while you ride can keep you motivated and push you to go the extra mile. Whether you’re commuting to work or taking a leisurely ride in the park, the music can boost your energy levels and turn your ride into an enjoyable workout session.

6. Enhance Social Experiences

Bluetooth hoverboards are a fantastic way to enhance social experiences with friends and family. You can sync multiple hoverboards to the same device and enjoy music together as you ride side by side. This creates a fun and interactive atmosphere, making it an excellent activity for gatherings and bonding moments.

7. Explore New Places

With a Bluetooth hoverboard, you can explore new places and neighborhoods while listening to your favorite music. The convenience of hands-free control allows you to navigate your surroundings effortlessly, leaving you free to enjoy the scenery and the music simultaneously.

8. Convenience of Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth technology eliminates the need for cumbersome wires and cables. You can easily connect your smartphone or music player to the hoverboard without any hassle. This wireless connectivity adds to the overall convenience of using a Bluetooth hoverboard.

Using a Bluetooth hoverboard opens up a world of entertainment and convenience for riders of all ages. The ability to groove to your favorite tunes while gliding around, coupled with the mesmerizing LED lights, creates an unforgettable riding experience. The hands-free control and long-lasting battery life ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable adventure every time you ride. So, why settle for a regular hoverboard when you can upgrade to the thrilling experience of a Bluetooth hoverboard? Embrace the benefits of technology, stay connected, and enhance your ride with music and excitement on a Bluetooth hoverboard today! Happy gliding!


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